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Top 10 restaurants in Auckland

10. Hugo's Bistro

This restaurant is located in heart of the Auckland. They have breakfast, lunch, and dinner with flavourful dishes. you can enjoy it as a Private hire, Intimate dinner parties, Long lunches, and yeah Canapé-styled standing events.

09. Gorilla Kitchen - Plant-Based Eatery & Brewtique

Are you a vegan? Looking for a delicious restaurant for vegan foods? then This place might be your choice. In Gorilla kitchen you have plenty of options to choose from. they use plant-based vegan food for the customers.

08. Lillius Restaurant

If you want to try excellent food and wine in Auckland Lillius restaurant will take you to heaven. You can get an incredible dining experience in this restaurant without any disappointments.

07. Barby’s Bakery

You’re a baking lover? Barby’s Bakery supplies all the delicious baked foods for the last 17 years in Auckland.

06. The Grove Restaurant

One of the best restaurants in Auckland. They serve modern New Zealand food twist with french technics.

05. MASU by Nic Watt

Japanese cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines in the world. If you visit MASU by Nic Watt for Japanese food they never disappoint you at all. They always use fresh and best fish and vegetables for their dishes. If you looking for a Japanese restaurant for next weekend this might be your new fav.

04. Ortolana

Ortolana is a nice and calm place with a warm vibe. This modern cafe will satisfy you without a doubt. Friendly, fast, and tastiness will never let you down.

03. Prego Restaurant

This Italian restaurant has managed to steal the taste of all locals and foreigners in the town. elegant and vintage atmosphere is very attractive. They always prefer to serve epic foods for their customers.

02. The Gateau House

Cake cake cake! It’s all about mouth-watering cakes. You can order a variety of cakes of your choice. No matter what kind of a question is. Your answer will be cake!

01. 1947 eatery

The best Indian restaurant in Federal street in Auckland. They have been able to create a little India inside the restaurant. They will give you an extremely pleasurable experience there.

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